My teaching concentrates on early modern and nineteenth-century literature and cultural history. I teach courses on early modern colonial literature and cultures, environmental humanities, and Latin American literature, and cultures. As a teacher, I draw on a wide range of materials, including narrative fragments, poetry, artworks, maps, and archival sources in manuscript and digital forms. I have obtained a grant in course initiative development at Villanova University (2020) to develop a course on environmental humanities, and a teaching grant at Columbia University (Teaching Scholars Program) to develop a course on global history in the early modern Latin American and Iberian worlds (16th to 19th centuries).     

Courses taught at Villanova University (2019-21)

  • Environmental Literature in Colonial Latin America (16th to 19th Centuries).
  • Research Seminar.
  • Entangled Histories in Colonial Latin America.* Undergraduate Seminar (2019-21).
  • Literatures & Cultures of Latin America. 

Courses taught at Columbia University (2013-19)

  • Global Disorientations: Travels, Fictions, and Material Cultures Across the Early Modern World
  • Rapid Reading and Translations. Graduate Seminar (2018-19).
  • Iberian Orientalism: From the Medieval Silk Road to Trans-Oceanic Voyages.
  • Grasping the Distance: Maps, Travel Literature, and Displacements.
  • Sense and Curiosity: Literature and Experience in Pre-Modern Iberia.

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View of Potosí. Codex K3, illustration on parchment, Hispanic Society (ca. 1585)